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Bulls deflated by inflation

Stocks were trounced yesterday as traders unloaded stocks in response to a hotter-than-expected inflation figure. Fed minutes suggest that all members are in agreement that rates needed to be cut this year – just how much and when is still a big mystery. Reality check. Was yesterday’s inflation number and subsequent market reaction a reality…

A Quick Primer on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)-Driven Investments

In 2008, researcher Alexander Dahlsrud examined 37 different definitions of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)1 . That was 15 years ago, and you probably may not be surprised to learn that there is still not 1 overarching, accepted definition. Of Dahlsrud’s 37 definitions, one of my favorites is “CSR is the voluntary assumption by companies of…

Delta provides a flight path to calmer skies

Stocks danced around in yesterday’s session, ultimately closing slightly positive amidst no real news. Today will indeed bring some real news to feed hungry markets. What is really important? If you a regular reader and you just skim through my daily notes… just skim… you would get the theme of my messages which would be…

The pick you up and they bring you down… bubbles

Stocks had a mixed close in a low-volume session on little or no news other than Fedspeak. Traders sidelined themselves in the afternoon to see the solar spectacle… with special eclipse spectacles becoming a hot commodity in and of themselves in NYC. Supply and demand. I will admit, I did see the eclipse. I, like…

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